• Have you ever wondered what it takes to educate a child? Simply stated, a lot of planning, a lot of creativity, extensive team work and lots of love!

    The goal of the Washington County Board of Education “To improve student academic performance” exemplifies a major commitment to children and youth in our community. It implies a great deal! It requires a substantial effort by many dedicated employees.

    It means a lot of extensive planning by teachers and administrators, a lot of creativity by teachers in the delivery of instruction, cohesive team work by students and teachers, and teams of personnel so essential to improving academic performance.

    Improving academic performance just does not occur in the classroom. It is a school and school system effort. In addition to well qualified, knowledgeable teachers who have honed their skills like a violinist virtuoso, it also requires other team members essential to learning from the instructional support staff who provide additional academic assistance to students, to the child nutrition staff who provide nutritional meals to feed brain cells, to the transportation staff who ensure safe transit to and from school, to custodians who maintain a clean environment for teaching and learning to take place, the maintenance staff who keep the school infrastructure running so that there are no equipment dysfunctions, office personnel who greet the children warmly when they are sick and ensure that medicines are properly dispensed and administrators who lead and motivate students and staff to do their best. Yes, improving academic performance requires planning and coordination and follow up by many committed employee teams.

    However, improving academic performance also requires a love and support of children and youth at home. For you see, parents are educational team members also. Good teamwork requires excellent communication and coordination. It requires that school, home and students all work together, as a cohesive team, to implement a game plan that ensures that learning takes place.

    As a team member with the schools, and your child’s first and life-long teacher, it is critical that you be an integral part of, understand and be involved in school activities. Please support your child this school year by visiting his or her school, meeting with teachers and sharing with them your desire to be a team member who wants to reinforce at home the learning experiences that occur at school. By doing so, you will send your child a message that you are a vital part of the school team and that all of us are on the “same page” in terms of wanting them to succeed academically.

    The Washington County Board of Education and entire staff are serious about improving academic achievement. We know you are also. We look forward to seeing you at school often this year as, together, we work to achieve this important goals.