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WCS Motivational Campaign


#60CatchtheWave is a movement that will become a reality.  To move forward and build on our committment to change, we have to motivate and inspire.  To many people, a wave can represent various things; for example it can represent the sudden obstacle that life throws your way. 

You know what students--we do not give up! We can conquer the raging sea called testing. We can rise up above everyone's expectations. All of our schools can be "C" schools or better.  What may look like the impossible can be made possible. In order to catch the wave, first you have to get in the water.
 As we chronicle happenings and events via social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.) related to this motivational campaign, be sure to use the following hashtags:
  • #60CatchTheWave

  • #JumpOnBoard

 Lets get in the water, catch the wave and ride to success!