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Celebrating Brother Craig: A Pillar of Unity and Compassion at WCHS

Craig Digmann, affectionately known as Brother Craig within the Washington County High School (WCHS) community, has proven to be an invaluable addition to our school's culture and we are thankful his work with Glenmary Home Missioners brought him to us. In addition to the numerous roles and initiatives that he supports throughout the county, like Faith and Blue, the Ministerial Association, and NAACP, Brother Craig's dedication to the WCHS community extends to serving as a volunteer and greeter at the front doors of the school two but most times three days a week. This small yet impactful gesture serves as a testament to Brother Craig's unwavering commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment within our school community. Whether through his warm greetings or his tireless efforts to support students, Brother Craig's presence at the school's entrance symbolizes his deep-rooted dedication to making everyone feel valued and appreciated.

When asked about his journey to Washington County, Brother Craig shared that he previously served in Trousdale, the smallest county in Tennessee. There, he dedicated himself to fostering unity among diverse groups, engaging in outreach efforts across the county. Reflecting on his origins with Glenmary Home Missioners: Catholic Missionary Organization, Brother Craig explained that after raising his sons, he ultimately found resonance with Glenmary's mission of establishing a Catholic presence in underserved areas. His arrival in Plymouth eight months ago was part of a personnel shift within the Glenmary Home Missioners organization, and his impact has been immeasurable since.

Brother Craig has found great joy in the warmth and friendliness of the people in Plymouth and at WCHS. He noted a unique simplicity and personableness among the community members, particularly evident in their interactions and hospitality. Drawing on his extensive experience, he observed both the distinctiveness and the needs of the area, emphasizing the importance of empowering students to recognize their potential.

Reflecting on his experience in Plymouth, Brother Craig stated, "There's some type of personableness and a hominess among the people and families. I even see it in the churches. Maybe more so than other states I’ve served in… You can see with Weyerhaeuser moving out, that the dynamics have changed for the county… I’m just really glad to be here, to walk with my Brothers and Sisters and see what the Spirit has next."

When asked about potential changes at WCHS, Brother Craig highlighted the importance of instilling in students a profound sense of self-worth and limitless potential. He also praised the remarkable energy exhibited by the WCHS basketball teams, expressing a desire for such vibrancy to be replicated elsewhere.

Brother Craig's involvement in various organizations and programs, including the NAACP, initiatives during Black History Month, and participation in the Ministerial Association especially regarding religious holidays like Christmas and Easter, underscores his commitment to fostering unity and empowerment within the community. Brother Craig first connected with WCHS through Mrs. Wysonza James at a WCHS Panthers Football Game in the Fall of 2023. His commitment to WCHS has been strong ever since. He expressed gratitude for the warm welcome extended to him by the WCHS faculty, students, and local pastors, emphasizing his mission to promote unity and collaboration across different spheres. Special thanks were extended to SGM Arnold, SFC James, the Panther Battalion JROTC Cadets, the athletic coaches, and Administrative Team, Mr. Young, Ms. Breiner, and Mr. Hines for their hospitality and inclusiveness toward him. Brother Craig participates in JROTC Blood Drives, supports students at Awards Ceremonies, mentors students throughout the school building, walks and prays over the halls in the mornings with Coach MD before students arrive, and he makes it to every athletic event that he can! He is a Panther fan through and through.

Furthermore, Brother Craig's dedication to supporting WCHS students is exemplified by the establishment of the Glenmary Home Missioners Scholarship. This initiative, driven by Brother Craig's genuine care and compassion, aims to provide financial assistance to deserving seniors based solely on need, without academic or athletic prerequisites.

In recognition of Brother Craig's impactful contributions, WCHS will proudly celebrate the recipients of the Glenmary Home Missioners Scholarships, totaling $3,500, on Tuesday, May 14, at the WCHS Cording and Scholarship Awards Ceremony. Brother Craig's spirit of generosity and kindness continues to resonate within our school community. Through his ongoing efforts, Brother Craig embodies the spirit of unity and compassion, enriching the lives of those around him. Brother Craig has been a missionary for the last 15 years, serving in communities for Christian unity, racial unity, and class unity. Brother Craig’s goal is to be a walking example of unity in whichever county he serves, and he has accomplished that with our WCHS Community. Thank you, Brother Craig!

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