About WCS

Washington County Schools (WCS) serves more than 1,000 students, providing academic instruction and support at five facilities throughout Washington County in Creswell, Roper, and Plymouth, North Carolina. We believe that setting high standards for all students creates a greater opportunity for future success. Each day, our teachers and support staff strive to make the educational opportunities in WCS relevant to the lives of our children by creating an exciting and engaging place to learn, and preparing them to be leaders in a technologically savvay and globally competitive world. 

 WCS Purpose
Washington County Schools' purpose is to educate and graduate students that are college and career ready. 

WCS Vision
We will build a passionate learning community that promotes accountability, responsibility, and global citizenship. 

WCS Goals based on the Comprehensive Needs Assessment Reults 
Goal 1:
WCS will develop a plan for identifying areas of teacher need and accompanying support to increase professional capacity through coaching.
Goal 2:
WCS will establish and implement instructional monitoring practices that ensure lessons and activities are aligned to standards, meet the appropriate level of rigor and are differentiated to meet all student needs.
Goal 3: 
WCS will leverage available technology resources to extend student opportunities beyond the classroom, fostering the development of 21st century skills.
Goal 4: 
WCS will ensure the air quality at all sites is at a safe level.
Goal 5:
 WCS will ensure all sites are appropriately cleaned, sanitized, and safe (including but not liimited to effective use of PPE).
Goal 6: 
WCS will focus on the whole child - including but not limited to social emotional learning, safety, health, and academic growth.
WCS Indicators
B07: The district examines existing school improvement strategies being implemented across the district and determines their value, expanding, modifying, and culling as evidence suggests. (5634)
C08: The district implements and measures the effectiveness of personalized professional development to build the capacity of all educators through coaching, modeling, and networks of support. (6833)
D07: The district provides and supports digital-age classrooms and learning opportunities through relevant and necessary infrastructure, acquisition, and technical assistance. (6835)

WCMS Mission
Doing our best to be our best!