Tiger Cub Assembly

Dear Tiger Cubs Parents, Families, and Friends,

We invite you to our Hispanic Heritage Assembly, a celebration of culture, diversity, and our incredible students. This is a moment to appreciate the wonderful teachers who work tirelessly to educate and inspire our children.

Date: October 27, 2023, Time: 9:30 am Location: Creswell Elementary School

Our students have worked passionately to showcase the rich tapestry of Hispanic heritage through music, dance, and art. Their dedication and creativity deserve to be celebrated, and we need your support to make this event unforgettable.

Come out and be part of this joyous occasion, as we strengthen our community's bond and show our commitment to embracing diversity. Together, we can make this assembly an experience our students will cherish for a lifetime. This will also be an opportunity for us as a school to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our MIGHTY CES Educators. 

Let's unite to celebrate fostering diversity and the amazing students who make our school community special. We hope to see you there!