Audio/Video Resources

Audio/Visual Resources


Free Music Archive

Internet Archive - free digital recordings


Partners in Rhyme - royalty free music and sound effects


Soundsnap - special effects and music loops


Sound Bible - Free Sound Clips

PodSafe Audio - Sounds for Podcasts

Free Music Archive




Every Stock Photo





PD Photo


Wikimedia Commons Search for photos, each has ddifferent licensing, so check before you use.


Arkive "Images of Life on Earth"


EduPics   Free phoptographs nd graphocs for education Royalty Free Images


Gimp Savvy Community Indexed Archive of photos from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) , NASA, and FWS (Fish and Wildlife Service)- all royalty free


Grunge Textures Free high resolution textures for graphic design and digital art


Morgue File free images


National Education Network Gallery pictures, sound, and video


Photo Take Out free digital stock photos 


Stock Vault free stock photos


UnProfound Photos- searchable by color! 


USDA U.S Dept of Agriculture- public domain images


Library of Congress American Memory Museum-The Library of Congress has great primary sources for you to use in your projects. Just because it's on a government website doesn't mean it's necessarily public domain. However, abiding by Fair Use guidelines, students should be able to use these resources


National Archives There is more here than you ever imagined.....and the number of digital resources is ever growing! 


Karen's Whimsy (description from website): On the following pages you will find hundreds of beautiful images gleaned from my collection of old books, magazines, and postcards. They are all from material printed prior to 1923 and are in the public domain


Public Domain Pictures is a repository for free public domain photos. You can upload your own pictures and share your work with others.

Clip Art

Barry's Clip Art Server


Discovery Education Clip Art


School Clip Art


Teacher Files


WP ClipArt is a fast, clean and safe site for children and others to find good-quality, printable images that have no copyright restrictions. All the images are in the Public Domain. Ads on pages are minimal to make the site as fast as possible. While there are literally thousands of "fun" images -- I take great pains to find, edit and retouch images of historical and/or general educational value.


Clipart ETC  Clipart for Students and Teachers


Open ClipArt Library Clipart resource


UVic Language Teaching Images Clipart and images for teaching vocabulary


Looking for video converters? Check out these file converters:


Bender Converter

Media Converter

Keep in mind that you still must follow Copyright Law's Fair Use Guidelines when using video for educational purposes