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Dr. Linda Jewell Carr

Let's keep the academic focus!   This year has been great having the option of both in person and the option of virtual instruction with safety protocols in place.  As noted on the website masking remains optional with weekly COVID testing available.   I wholeheartedly believe that with dedication and hard work there are no limits for our students!  As a teacher, principal and central services leader children are the reason we are here and I welcome the opportunity to support Washington County.  This year will be full of challenges as we work together to bring staff and students back to school in a safe supportive environment as we transition back to eating in the cafeteria.  Please send a recyclable water bottle with your child daily. We have purchased water bottle filling stations and will discontinue the purchase of individual plastic water bottles. We must continue to work together to support our students!

Students are expected to participate in learning activities every day.  It is critical to the academic success of your child for him/her to complete their studies each day.  Assignments or areas you need additional support in please reach out to your child’s teacher first and then the principal.  Please help us by working with your child daily to ensure they are maximizing the opportunity to learn.  Along with the board of education, we believe that daily attendance for full days is a must to give our students the chance to learn and be successful. Please help us by making full day attendance a priority in your home.

As a parent of a student in Washington County Schools you have a right to know several pieces of key information about your child and the school.  Federal laws allow you to know about the license and professional qualifications of your child’s classroom teachers.  We want and welcome your active participation in educating students.  Any parent or community group that would like to participate as a member of the Superintendent Advisory or Parent Advisory group please reach out to my office with your contact information.  Your voices and ideas are welcome!  Join us! 

Please join us Saturday December 3 for the Holiday Bazaar we will have a "refresh for school supplies" offered by school booths, vendors with items for purchase, local partner informational tables, food, fellowship and fun. @ WCMS/PES 10am-1pm