Important Notice To Parents


Washington County Schools’ Career and Technical Education (CTE) program provides students with experiences that prepare them to be career and college ready. CTE is an educational model that helps students discover their skills and passions related to career development. CTE aligns secondary and post-secondary education to labor market demand and provides students with the technical, academic, and employability knowledge and skills they need for success.

Washington County Schools offers a comprehensive program of Career and Technical Education for students at Washington County High School. Exploratory and career information services are offered at Washington County Early College High School and Washington County Middle School. Courses are offered in Agriculture Education, Business Finance and Marketing, Career Development Education, Computer Science and Information Technology, Health Science Education and Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM). Career development as well as support services to special populations are provided to both middle and high school students. Work-based learning experiences in internships, job shadowing, and business tours are available at both high schools.

The mission of career and technical education programs is to help empower all students to be successful citizens, workers and leaders in a global economy. Goals aligned with this mission are: (1) Using various data sources to ensure course offerings align with labor market needs, (2) Collaborating with internal stakeholders such as guidance counselors, college advisors and community college liaisons to ensure students are enrolling in courses that match their future aspirations, (3) Collaborating with external stakeholders such as local businesses and business advisory members to ensure we are offering skills needed to enter into the workforce, (4) Providing work-based learning experiences that are intentionally aligned with each students’ education and career goals, (5) Assisting students in developing decision-making, communication, problem-solving, leadership and citizenship skills, and (6) Providing support services to ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve success in their program of study.

Washington County Schools Career and Technical Education Programs do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion or age in its activities and programs, including employment policies and practices. It is the policy of Washington County that no otherwise qualified student shall be excluded from, be denied the benefits of or be subjected to discrimination in any educational program or activity.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender. Dr. Shajuana Sellers, our Title IX Coordinator, will hear cases dealing with Title IX regulations. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability(s). Ms. Felicia Dixon, our Director of Exceptional Children’s Education, will hear cases dealing with Section 504 regulations.

This notice has been made with reference to Federal Register dated March 21, 1979, Volume 44, Number 56: Tamara Wrighton, Director of Career and Technical Education.

If you have questions concerning this notification, the above-named persons can be contacted at Washington County Schools Central Office, 802 Washington Street, Plymouth NC 27962; phone: 252-793-5171.