Behavioral Support PRC 29


Behavioral Support Services:


Our mission is to provide a positive, safe, healthy, nurturing and respectful environment in which all students have the opportunity to become productive members of society.  

The Current Criteria for referring for PRC 29 direct services, a student must have:

  • A current IEP with behavioral goals(s) related to the target behavior

  • A current Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)-within 3 hears, and 

  • A current Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)-within 1 year

***This criterion is subject to change, pending changes to this funding source***

Behavioral Support Services: 

  1. Provides short term interventions to enable students to remain in school

  2. Conducts environmental analysis and offers classroom management recommendations

  3. Monitors and summarizes/graphs data being collected by school staff

  4. Consults with school staff to implement both classroom and individual student interventions

  5. Consults with school staff on the development/revisions of the Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), and behavior goals.  

  6. Provides assistance with creating individual supports for the eligible student

WCS Behavioral Support Services Manual 221-2022

Behavioral Support Staff:

Rodrigo Hyman (Behavioral Support Specialist)

Boney Hoggard (Behavioral Support Assistant)

Michele Brickhouse (Director, Exceptional Children)