Daniel Smith Chief Technology Officer

Washington, DC, USA, March 18 – Daniel Smith recently earned the Certified Education Technology Leader® (CETL®) designation by passing a rigorous certification exam.

The CETL certification, awarded by the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), signifies that Mr.Smith has mastered the knowledge and skills needed to bring 21st Century technology to our K-12 schools and other education organizations.

"Earning the Certified Education Technology Leader certification demonstrates a commitment to bringing 21st century learning to our schools and other education organizations. Because of the CETL recertification requirements, certified leaders pledge to stay current in this ever-changing field of education technology,” said Keith Krueger, CAE, Chief Executive Officer of CoSN.

To become certified, the candidate must have demonstrated experience in the education technology field and pass a comprehensive examination based on the 10 skill areas in CoSN’s Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO. Once the CETL certification is earned, the education technology leaders (“ETLs”) must complete 60 hours of professional development activities every three years to maintain the designation.

The CETL certification is awarded by the Consortium for School Networking. Founded in 1992, CoSN is the premier professional association for school system technology leaders and its mission is to empower educational leaders to leverage technology to realize engaging learning environments. CoSN is committed to providing the leadership, community, and advocacy tools essential for the success of these leaders.  

Let's congratulate Mr. Smith on his commitment to serving our schools with excellence!

More information on these credentials can be found at www.cosn.org

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